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Very Nice Ladies 10K Yellow Gold  Diamond Heart. Double Rows of 48 Full Cut Diamonds (approx. 1.5 Carat TW).  6 Grams. 1" x 1.5".
 10K Diamond Heart
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 14K Dancer's Legs Pendant
14K Gold Pendant depicting Dancers Legs. Just under 2 Grams and 19 mm. Cute !
 10K & Sterling Dolphin Pendant
10K Solid Gold & Sterling Silver 23mm Round Pendant with 3 Dolphins. Very Cute.
Large 14K  Pear Shape Amethyst
This is a Neat 14K Yellow Gold (Marked and Tested)  Diamond Cut Pineapple Pendant. It is 23mm Long and should take a 4mm Chain through the Bale. It weighs a bit over 2 Grams. Very Cute !!!
 14K Gold Pineapple Pendant
36 mm Round Jade Good Fortune  Pendant with 14K Gold  Frame. Made in Hong Kong.

 Jade Pendant - 36mm in 14K Gold
 10K White Gold Heart W/Diamonds
This is a  10K Solid  Gold Ladies Heart Shape Pendant with 15 small round Diamonds and one 4 Point Princess Cut Diamond in the center. It is about 15mm across and weighs about  1 1/4 Grams. Marked and Tested 10K.
 14K Gold Michael Anthony Heart 
This is a  14K Solid  Gold Ladies Heart Shape Pendant. It is small at 12mm across and weighing about  1 1/2 Grams. Marked and Tested 14K.
This is a Lovely 10K Solid Gold  Cross. It is roughly 19mm x 30mm  weighs about 1 1/2 Grams. The Center is comprised of 16 Full Cut Round Diamonds (approx. 1/4 Carat TW)  Marked & Tested 10K.  
Large Pear Shape Amethyst 15mm x 20mm in 14K Yellow Gold Pendant 26mm long. Weighs 4 Grams.   Excellent !
10K Diamond Heart
14K  Gold  large amethyst Teardrop Pendant
14K Gold Pineapple Pendant
14K Gold  36 mm Jade Pendant
sell gold, silver
10K White Gold Heart With Diamonds
14K Gold Michael Anthony Heart
10K Gold Cross with 16 Diamonds
 10K Gold Cross With Diamonds
 14K Gold Filagree Cross With Diamonds
14K Gold Filagree Cross with Diamonds,
buying gold
This is a Beautiful Filagree Cross in 14K Yellow Gold . It is 15mm x 27mm weighs about  1 1/2 Grams and has 4 small Diamonds in the Center.
 14K  Gold "Hearts in Heart" Pendant
14K Gold  hearts in heart pendant
14K Gold  "Hearts in Heart" Pendant. 20 x 22mm and 7mm thick. Weighs approx. 4 Grams. 
vintage multi color Gold cross, 5 diamonds, sell  my gold
 Vintage 14K Multi Color Gold Cross
Vintage 14K Multi Color Gold Cross.  Yellow,White and Rose Gold. 5 small diamonds on 18" 14K White Gold Chain. Weighs about  5 Grams.  20mm x30mm.
 14K Diamond Cut Christ Pendant
14K Gold Christ pendant diamond cut for man or woman,we buy gold,silver
Beautiful  14K Diamond Cut "Christ the Saviour" Pendant for Man or Woman.  It is 18mm x 24mm and Weighs a bit over 5 1/4 Grams. Lovely Detail. 
14k pendant womens legs dancer,buying gold, sterling silver
dolphin 10k sterling charm pendant. buying sterling gold
 14K Gold Bi-Color Dolphin Pendant
14K Gold Bi-Color Dolphin Pendant
14K Yellow & White Gold Dolphin Pendant with Red Stone Eye. It's about 26mm not counting the Bale.  Weighs a bit over 2 Grams.
 10K-12K  Black Hills Gold Cross
black hills cross. sell silver buy gold buy ssterling
10k -12K Black Hills Gold Cross.  22 mm x 40 mm. 3.1 Grams.
 14K Gold  Pineapple
14K pineapple pendant, buying old gold, coins, jewelry
14K  Yellow Gold  Pineapple Pendant. 13mm in diameter at base, 22mm tall.  Weighs   3.1 Grams.
 10K Gold Ruby Heart Pendant
10K  ruby diamond heart pendant buying sterling silver old gold
10K  Gold  Heart Pendant with 16 Rubies (2mm) and 4 small Diamonds.  Approx.  2.3 Grams.
 14K Gold  Unicorn Pendant
14K gold unicorn pendant
14K  Yellow Gold  Unicorn Pendant. Approx. 1 1/4 Grams.
 14K  Gold  Cameo Pendant
14K  gold cameo pendant
14K    Gold  Cameo Pendant. 1 1/2 Grams.
 14K Gold  Pearl Drop
14k gold  pearl drop pendant, sell your gold jewelry

14K  Bale on a 9mm x 11mm  Genuine Pearl.
 14K Rose Gold  Centaur Pendant
14K rose gold pegasus pendant , sell my jewelry. buying
14K  Rose Gold  Centaur Archer pendant .  18 x 24mm Oval without  the Bale and weighs about 1 1/2 grams. Very Cute!
 14K  Gold  Amethyst Enhancer Pendant
14k gold amethyst enhancer pendant hinged,sell my gold,sterling silver
14K   Gold  Amethyst and Diamond Enhancer pendant .  16mm x  33mm to end of Bale. Hinged  & Locking Bale. Weighs 4 1/2 Grams
 14K  Gold  Dolphin & Calf  Pendant
14k gold dolphin and baby pendant,sell my old gold,silver
14K   Gold   Dolphin & Calf Pendant. Approx. one gram.
 19.2 K  Gold  Frog Pendant
19.2 karat gold 800 fine gold frog pendant
19.2 K   Rose Gold   Frog  Pendant.  A little under a gram. Marked 800. 15mm long.
14K  Gold  "Forever By My Side" Pendant
14K gold forever by my side coin pendant,sell my gold,sterling silver
14K   Gold   " Forever By My Side" Pendant.  Approx. 2.7 Grams. 18mm in diameter.
10K Gold  Eagle  Pendant
10k gold eagle pendant 3 color gold
10K   Gold   Eagle  Pendant. Tri-Color Gold.  2 Grams.
14K Gold  Blue Topaz Enhancert -Pendant
14k gold enhancer blue topaz sell your sterling buy gold
14K   Gold  Blue Topaz  Hinged Enhancer -Pendant  (locking)  with 2 small Diamonds .  14mm x  30mm to end of Bale.  Weighs  3 1/2 Grams.
14K Gold  Photo Locket
14k gold fish hook pendant sell opld gold sterling
14K   Gold   Locket for Photo on 14K 18" Chain. Weighs  2.1  Grams. 10mm x 12mm.
14K Gold  St. Christopher
14k gold St christopher, selling gold buying gold
14K   Gold   St. Christopher pendant.  25mm in Diameter (almost an inch). Weighs 7.9   Grams.
14K Gold  Star of David
14k star of david symbols. sell my sterling,old gold
14K   Gold   Star of  David with  many Judaic Symbols.  35mm.  Weighs  5.6 Grams.
.18K Gold  L. A. County Sheriff's Dept. - Josten
18k L A county sheriff dept josten pendant. buyying gold
18K Gold Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. Pendant made by Josten.  Weighs 5.7 Grams.
.14K Gold  Amethyst Pendant
14k pear shape amethyst pendant. sell old gold,sterling silver
14K  Gold Pendant with 10mm x 16mm  Pear Shape Amethyst. 3 Grams.
.14K Gold  Allah Pendant
14k allah arabic, blue enamel, sell your gold jewelry
14K  Gold  "Allah" in Arabic Pendant. Blue enamel . 1.6 grams. 
.10K Gold  Hope Pendant
10k hope pendant, buying old gold,sell my old gold
10K  Gold  Michael Anthony "Hope" Pendant. 1 gram. 
.14K Gold  Cheerleader Pendant
14k gold cheerleader pendant, sell my old jewelry, buy gold
14K  Gold  Cheerleader Pendant. 1.3  grams. 
.14K Gold  Dagmar  Cross
14k gold dagmar cross, sell your old gold,buying old gold
14K  Gold  Cross/ Pendant. Known  as the "Dagmar" Cross I believe.  1.6  grams. 
.14K Gold  "Tweety Bird" Pendant
14k tweety pie,tweety bird pendant,buying old jewelry,gold,silver
14K  Gold  Tweety Bird or Tweety Pie Pendant.  1.6  grams. 
.14K Gold  Garnet Pendant - 2 Tone
14k garnet pendant, 2 tone gold, buying old gold jewelry,silver
14K  Gold  Garnet Pendant . 2 Tone Gold with  8mm square faceted Garnet and two small Diamonds. Weighs  4.4 Grams.  4mm Opening.