14K White Gold Double Heart Diamond Necklace
Est. 1980
Very Nice Ladies 14K Yellow Gold  Necklace with a 1/3 Carat  Oval Diamond.  About 1/2 Carat Total.
 1/3 Carat Oval Diamond
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 10K Diamond Heart
This is a  10K Solid  Gold Ladies Heart Shape Pendant with a Double Row of  Diamonds of around a Carat Total weight. It is roughly 20mm and is on a 10K 16" Gold Chain. Weighs a bit over 3 Grams. Commercial Mall quality stones but still pretty.   
 Black Hills Gold Heart
This is a Lovely  Black Hills Gold  Heart (13mm)  Pendant on a 20" 14K Gold Chain. Classic Grape & Leaf design. About 1 1/2 Grams. Very Nice Necklace !
14K Gold  18" Chain with 14k  gold Bible Lords prayer
 14K Bible - Lord's Prayer
 14K Brand New Diamond Necklace
14K Brand New 1 Carat Diamond necklace
This is a Brand New 14K  Yellow Gold  Ladies   Necklace with One Carat of Diamonds (33 Nice Quality Stones). The Original Retail Tag shows $2994.00.  It is 8mm at it's Widest point. It  weighs nearly 16  Grams and is  16" long.  Very Lovely Piece!!
14K  Gold Bible with the Lord's Prayer on an 18" 14K Gold Chain.  5.2 Grams. Very Nice !
BlackHills Gold Heart,sell my gold,buy gold
10K Gold Diamond Heart,buying old gold jewelry
.33 Carat Oval Diamond Necklace.
 14K  New VEE Style Diamond Necklace
14K New VEE style i carat diamond necklace,sell my gold
This is a Brand New 14K  Yellow Gold  Ladies "VEE" Style   Necklace with One Carat of Diamonds (54  Nice Quality Stones) in a Double Row. The Original Retail Tag shows $2520.00.  It is 5mm at it's Widest point. It  weighs nearly 8  Grams and is  16" long.  Very Lovely Piece!!
 14K  Colored Gemstone Necklace
14K Gold Colored Gemstone Necklace
This is a lovely older 16" Necklace with 5mm x 7mm Cabachon  Cut Colored Stones ie; Garnet, Peridot, Citrine etc. It weighs almost 7 Grams. Very Pretty  piece!
 14K  Cast Nugget W/Diamonds - 20"
14K Gold chain, Cast nugget, selling gold,buying gold
14K Gold  Chain with a cast 14K nugget with cluster of 5 small Diamonds....20" long. 6 Grams.
 14K W/G Chain - Opal Pendant
14k white gold chain opal pendant Necklace
  18" 14K White Gold  Necklace with asymetrical faceted Opal. Weighs approx  6.7 Grams. A few "natural" flaws on the surface.
 14K  Opal Butterfly  Necklace
14K yellow gold  opal butterfly necklace.
14K  Yellow Gold  Butterfly Necklace with inlaid Opal Wings. Approx. 18" and weighs about 7.1 Grams. Signed !
 14K  Cupid Pendant - 14K Box Chain
14K Yellow Gold  Cupid on an 18" 14k box link chain. 2.3 Grams....Very Cute !
  18K Gold Scorpio Good Luck Necklace
14K Gold Scorpio Good Luck necklace
18K Yellow Gold  Scorpio "Good Luck" Necklace.  18" and  22mm in Diameter. Weighs  approx. 4 1/3 Grams.
  14K Gold  4mm Omega  Chain
14K  gold 4 mm Omega chain necklace
14K Yellow Gold  4 mm Wide Omega Chain - Choker - Necklace. About 16" and in nice condition.  Almost 18 Grams.
  14K Gold  10 1/2 Necklace
14K  ten and a half necklace,
sell my gold,sterling silver
14K  10 1/2 Necklace. What's hotter than a Ten ? A Ten and a Half !! 16 " Long and 3.8  Grams.
  14K Gold "Big Apple"
14K Gold Big Apple Pendant necklace.
14K Yellow Gold "Big Apple Pendant. New York City Skyline cut out within an Apple. A little over 3 Grams. The 14K Chain is 18" with two extra Rings for wearing it shorter.
  14K Gold Bead & Pearl Necklace
14K gold pearl necklace
14K Yellow Gold  16" Necklace with 4 Pearls (6mm) and a 2 1/2mm on each side. Weighs about 3 Grams.
  14K Gold Heart Locket
14K photo locket heart.
14K Yellow Gold  18"  Diamond Cut Rope Chain ( 1 1/2 mm) with a Heart Shaped Photo Locket. Weighs a bit under 6 1/4  Grams.
  14K Diamond Heart Necklace
14k  heart  necklace pendant 3 small diamonds
14K Yellow Gold  18" Box Link Chain with   Heart Shape Pendant. Three 2 Point full cut Diamonds. Weighs about 4 Grams.

14K  24" Gold Fashion Chain
  14K  24" Gold Fashion Necklace
14K Yellow Gold  24" Fashion  Necklace. Beautiful "Loopy" design. 6 1/4 Grams  Weighs a bit under 11 Grams. 10mm at the widest.
18K white gold turtlet Pendant   20" chain. selling my scrap gold silver
  18K W/G Turtle Pendant - 20" 18k Chain
18K White Gold  Turtle Pendant  on 20" 18K Chain. 8.6  Grams.
  14K Gold  Cross - Colored Stones
14K Gold cross tanzanite colored cz necklace
14K Gold Cross with Tanzanite or Colored CZ  Marquis Cut Stones. 16" 14K Chain. Weighs  2 Grams.
14K Cupid pendant on 18" 14k chain.
 14K Two Tone Butterfly Necklace
14K butterfly necklace,buying oldjewelry,
14K Butterfly in Yellow & White on  18" 14K Chain. 1.5 Grams.
  14K White Gold Diamond Necklace
14k white gold diamond necklace past present future sell my sterling
14K White Gold Necklace with .55 Carat of Diamonds in a "Past - Present - Future " Design. Weighs 2.1 Grams
  14K  Gold Tanzanite Necklace
14K Gold tanzanite diamond necklace. sell your old gold sterling silver. old jewelry
14K  Gold Necklace with 3 x 5mm Oval Cut & 3 small Diamonds Tanzanite. Weighs 7.1 Grams
  18K  W/Gold Diamond Heart Necklace
18k white gold heart diamond  heart. buying gold diamonds
18K White Gold Necklace with 20 Diamonds in a  Heart. 18" 18K Box Link Chain. Weighs  3.2 Grams
  10K Heart Shape Opal Pendant
Opal heart shape pendant necklace sellyour old gold sterling
10K   Gold  Heart Shape Pendant with Heart Shape Opal on 18" 10K  Chain.  Beautiful Color. Weighs 1.4 Grams.
  14K Gold Bead Choker 
14k gold bead necklace. selling old gold jewelry
14K Yellow  Gold Bead Choker.  5mm brushed finish and 7mm polished finish beads. 17" Long  Weighs 10 Grams.
  14K Gold  Sapphire Necklace
14k necklace  sapphires. buying gold jewelry
14K  Gold Drop Necklace with 4 Sapphires (3mm x 5mm ). 22" Long. Weighs  2 1/2 Grams.
  14K Gold  Opal Necklace
14k gold opal necklace. selling my gold buying your jewelry
14K  Gold  Opal Pendant on 14K  18" Long chain. 6 x 8mm Oval Opal (color is way better than photos) and tiny diamonds. Weighs  1.1 Grams.
  14K W/Gold  Chocolate & White Diamond Necklace
14K white gold chocolate diamonds. selling old jewelry
14K  White Gold 12 x 14mm Pendant with  46 "Chocolate" and white Diamonds (about a Carat or more)  on an 18" Box Link chain. Weighs  4.1 Grams.
  14K Gold  18" Chain - Clear Bottle Gold Flakes
14k gold Gold flakes in bottleselling old jewelry. buying gold
14K  Gold  18" Chain with Clear bottle and gold flakes. Weighs  4  Grams.
  14K Gold  Star of  David Necklace
star of david 14k. selling old jewelry. buying gold
14K  Gold  Star of David Pendant on 18" 14K Chain. About 2 Grams
  14K Gold  Golden Topaz Necklace & Earring Set
14k golden topaz necklace earring set. selling gold sterling
14K  Gold  Necklace & Earring Set with Pear Shape Golden Topaz (9mm necklace & 7mm earrings) and a few small Diamonds.  8.7 Grams. 16 - 18".
  14K Gold  Double Pearl  Necklace
14k pearl necklace, box chain,buying old gold,sterling silver
14K  Gold  Necklace  with 2  - 6mm Pearls  and 2 small Diamonds. 18" 14K Box  Link Chain. 3.8 Grams
  14K Gold  Pearl Ruby Diamond Necklace & Earring Set
14k pearl,ruby,
earring set
14K  Gold  Necklace & Earring Set with 4mm Pearls, Marquis Rubies and a few small Diamonds.  7.4  Grams. 16 - 18".
  SOLD !
  14K Gold  5mm Omega Chain - Reversible Color
14k gold omega chain,5mm,yellow and white,sell your old gold,silver
14K  Gold  5 mm Wide Italian  Omega Chain. Reversible Color; White Gold and Yellow Gold . Weighs  29.5 Grams.
  14K Gold  Tri Color Beads
14K bead necklace, yellow,white,rose, buying old gold,sell your gold
14K  Gold  18" - 20" (adjustable) strand of  7mm beads alternating Yellow,White & Rose Color.  One Yellow Bead is dented.  Weighs  10  Grams.
  14K Gold  2-Tone Chain Heart Slide
14K 2 tone heart slide, chain, buy gold, silver
14K  Yellow & White Gold Heart Slide . 22" 14K  2-Tone Chain  .  Weighs  about 11  Grams.
  14K Gold  Solvar Shamrock - Love Trinity
Solvar Irish shamrock pendant,14k,
emerald,buying gold
14K Shamrock by Solvar on 14K 18" box chain. Shamrock is 15mm  with Diamonds and an Emerald. Weighs  about 2.8  Grams. Irish Shamrock !
  14K Gold  Enamel Bead Necklace
gold enamel
 bead necklace,
,estate jewelry.
14K Gold  Necklace (20")  with  Enamel and Gold Beads.....Largest enamel is 14mm and the brush finish gold ones are 7mm and have some minor dings. Lobster Claw clasp. 12.4 Grams.
  10K Black Hills Gold  Necklace
Black hills gold,Coleman co, pendant,jewelry
,rolex watches.
10K Black Hills Gold  Necklace (18") .  Pendant is about 15mm x 15mm and made by Coleman Co.  2 1/2  Grams.