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14K Long Curvy Earrings.  5 Grams.
 14K Long Curved  Earrings
$ 375.00

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14K Gold  Dangly  Earrings
 14K Yellow Gold  Dangly Interlocking hoops. Weigh 2.5 Grams.
18K  "Screw Back " Earrings - Pearl
This is a Pair of 18K Yellow Gold screw back Type Earrings with  one  3mm Pearl  on each one . They weigh about  5 Grams. 
14K Gold  long  Earrings, sell old gold sterling silver
18K Gold Screw back Earrings with single pearl
14K Gold dangly hoops Earrings, . buying old jewelry sterling
14K Opal Cluster Earrings
14K Opal Cluster Leaf French Clip earrings
This is a Pair of 14K Yellow Gold (Marked and Tested)  Ladies   Earrings in a "Leafy" Cluster design with 4  Opals (5mm x 7mm ) in Each one along with  5 Small Pinkish Color Rubies (I believe). They weigh just under 9 Grams and have French Clips. Very Lovely!

14K Gold  Onyx Dangle  Earrings
14K Gold onyx earrings
sell old gold. buy sterling
14K Gold with  16mm Long Onyx. Weighs  2.6 Grams
14K Gold Sapphire Earrings
14K gold Saphire cluster stud Earringsbuying gold,sterling silver
14K Gold Sapphire "cluster" stud earrings. There are Seven (7) 2mm Sapphires in each one. Approx. 2 Grams.
14K Gold Emerald & Diamond Earrings
14K Yellow  gold emerald and diamond earrings
This is a Pretty Pair of French Clip Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold with 5 small Diamonds and Emeralds in each one.   They weigh about 4 Grams and are 20mm  Long. Fine Quality. Pre-owned but look new. Very Cute!!
14K Gold Square Hoop Fashion Earrings
14K  Square Hoop fashion earrings.
This is a Lovely Pair of  14K  Gold Ladies "Square" Hoop  Earrings.  They are about 23mm square and weigh a bit over 3 Grams.  Beautiful  Yellow Gold with 14K White Center accent! 
14K Gold 3" Dangle Earrings
14K Yellow Gold 3 hoop Dangly Earrings. 3 Inches Long. A bit over 3 Grams. 
14K Gold  long Dangle Earrings
14K 4" Dangle Earrings
14K dangle chandelier earrings,sell my old gold,sterling
14K Yellow Gold  Dangly Earrings. 4 Inches Long top to bottom. About 2 1/2 Grams. 
14K  Onyx Earrings
14K Gold Earrings  onyx
14K Yellow Gold  and Onyx  Earrings. They weigh almost 8 Grams.  About 1 1/2" long...32mm

14K  Diamond Hoop  Earrings
14K Ladies Diamond Hoop Earrings
14K Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings with  11 small Diamonds on each one.   They are about  17mm and weigh about 1 1/2 Grams.
14K  Gold Chandelier Oval  Earrings
14K  gold chandelier earrings
14K Yellow Gold Chandelier Earrings. Weighing  5  Grams.  2 1/4"
10K Blue Topaz Dangle Earrings
10K Blue Topaz dangle earrings
10K Yellow Gold  Blue Topaz Dangle Earrings. A little over 1" Long. 4 1/2 Grams. Stone cluster at top are lighter in color than the lower.
14K Bamboo Square Hoop Earrings
14K gold bamboo square hoop earrings
14K Yellow Gold  Square Hoops in a Bamboo Motif. Weight is a little over 5 1/4 Grams. 1 1/2" top to bottom and 1" across the bottom
14K Oval Dangly Earrings
14K oval dangle earrings
14K Yellow Gold  Oval Dangle  Earrings.  About 2 1/4" Long and weigh about  2.8  Grams.  
14K Gold Dangly Link Earrings
14K dangle hoop link earrings.. sell sterling silver
  SOLD !
14K  Gold  Dangle Link  Earrings.  About 2" long.  15mm wide at bottom and weighs 4.1 Grams.
18K 5 Sided  Earrings
18K five sided earrings
18K  Y/G Five Sided Earrings. 18mm Point to Point and 6mm Wide. Just under 8 Grams. Beautiful Quality!
14K Hinged Fashion  Earrings
14k hinged fashion earrings
14K  Y/G Italian Hinged Fashion Earrings. 26mm Long and weighing  5 1/2 Grams.  Excellent!
14K Large Fashion  Earrings
14K large fashion earrings
14K  Large Fashion earrings. They are 1 1/2" in Diameter. Nearly 16 Grams. French Clips
14K  Diamond Earrings
14Kdiamond earrings. sell my gold. sell my sterling
14K  Earrings with  8 small but full cut Diamonds in  each. French Clips.  They  weigh  5 Grams.
14K CZ Waterfall  Earrings
14K CZ waterfall earrings,buying gold,sell  my gold,silver
  SOLD !
14K  Wire with 7 2mm CZs on each.  They are about 1 1/2" Long and weigh a little under 2 Grams.
14K  4 1/2" Dangle Earrings
14k 4 1/2" dangle earringssell my old gold,buy your old gold.
14K  Dangle Earrings.  They are about 4 1/2" Long and weigh about 1 1/4   Grams.
14K Hoop Earrings (42mm)
14k 42mm 1 3/4" large hoop earrings
14K  Hoop Earrings.  They are about  42mm ( 1 3/4") in diameter and weigh about  3   Grams.
14K  4" Dangle Garnet Earrings
4" gold garnet dangle earrings,sell my gold,sell your gold,buying gold,sterling silver
14K  Dangle Earrings.  They are about  4" Long with a Pear Shape Garnet and weigh about  1 1/2   Grams.
10K Cougar Earrings
10K cougar cat earrings, sell old gold,jewelry,
sterling silver
This is an Interesting Pair of Two Tone 10K Gold Earrings with a Cougar (or Panther. Lion, or some other Big Cat) in Profile on each one.  Marked (and Tested) 10K . They weigh over 10 Grams Total  Very Cool !!!
10K Amethyst Earrings pendant set
10K Amethyst Earrings & Pendant Set
10K Yellow Gold  Amethyst Pendant and Earrings Set. 5mm Amethysts with small Diamonds.  18" Chain. 3 Grams.
14K Turkish Wide Oval Hoop Earrings
14k gold wide oval hoop earrings, hammered finish,buying old gold
14K Gold Turkish 4mm wide Oval Hoop Earrings. 35mm Long. Weigh 3.2 Grams
14K Heart Shape Amethyst  Earrings
14k amethyst heart shape earrings. selling my old gold sterling silver
14K studs with Heart Shape Amethysts (5mm). One Gram.
14K Pink Coral Rose Earrings
14k pink coral earrings. Carved Rose,sell my sterling silver gold
14K  Screw Back Pink Coral. Carved Rose shape.  4 Grams.
14K Blue Topaz  Earrings
14k blue topaz. sell my old gold sterling silver
14K studs with  Rounnd  (6mm) Blue Topaz.  12mm Total Diameter Conical Shape.  2.5 Grams.
9C Rose Gold Topaz Clip On Earrings
14k topaz earrings, buying 
9C Rose Gold Clip On  Earrings with  Emerald Cut  (10mm x 12mm) Topaz.  Vintage from British Isles. 6.8 Grams.
14K Oval Blue Topaz  Earrings
blue topaz oval earrings,sell my old gold,sterling silver
14K studs with  Oval   (8mm x 10mm) Blue Topaz.    3 Grams.
14K Princess Blue Topaz  Earrings
14k blue topaz princess cut earrings,selling old gold,sterling silver
14K studs with  Princess Cut   (6mm x 6mm) Blue Topaz.    1.4 Grams.
18K Diamond Heart Earrings
18k heart earrings with diamonds, sell your old gold,we buy old gold
18K Heart Shape Stud Earrings with 3 smal Diamonds in each. 10 x 12mm.  3.8  Grams.
14K Diamonds & Sapphire Navel Ring
sapphire diamonds 
navel,ring,14k,buying gold,selling gold,
estate jewelry
14K  Navel Ring  with  a Pear Shape Sapphire (6mm x 4mm) and 10 small full cut Diamonds.  1.2 Grams
14K Long Teardrop Earrings
14k long tear drop earrings, sell gold,buying old gold
14K  Long Tear Drop Earrings.  1.4 Grams
14K  Dangle Disc  Earrings
14k dangle string disc earrings,sell your gold,buying gold
14K  4" Long  Dangle Disc  Earrings.  16mm .  1.1 Grams
14K  Fashion Earrings - XXX With Diamonds
14k fashion earrings,xxx diamonds, buying old gold,jewelry
This is a Pair of 14K Yellow Gold (Marked and Tested)  Ladies   Fashion   Earrings with 3 X design and  2 Diamonds in each one . They weigh about 4 1/2 Grams . Used but Excellent. Very Pretty !!!
14K  White Gold Hoop  Earrings 
14k white gold, hoop earrings, buying gold.
14K White Gold Hoops. 32mm in Diameter.. 3 Grams.
14K  Gold Teardrop  Earrings 
14k teardrop sghape earrings, selling my gold jewelry
14K  Gold Teardrop Earrings.  2.5  Grams.