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10K Gold sapphire Ring. selling gold buying jewelry
Very Nice Ladies 14K Yellow Gold  Fashion Ring with a 1.13 Carat Diamond. Approx Specs: SI-2, G-H Color. Very Pretty!

 1.13 Carat Diamond Ring

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 GIA Cert. Pear Shape 
Very Nice Ladies 14K White Gold  Ring with a .65 Carat Pear Shape Diamond. GIA Certfied Specs: SI-1, F Color.  Two Pears on Each Side and lots of Rounds. 1.74 Carat Total Weight. Retail Price $6185.00.Very Pretty!
10K - 12K  Black Hills Gold Ring by Landstroms  Size 5 3/4. Weighs approx. 3 Grams. 
10K 12K Black Hills Gold Ring
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10K Black Hills Gold Ring
Size 6 Black Hills Gold ring. Weighs 2 1/3 Grams. Great Condition!
This is a  14K Yellow Gold Ladies Diamond Cluster Ring in a "Waterfall" Design with 19 Round Diamonds. The Largest is about .12 Carat and the other are .02 or more for a minimum Total weight of .50 Carat and maybe .75C. To be honest they are not very good quality Diamonds (typical "Mall Store" quality) but it is a nice look and they do sparkle nicely. It is a Size 6 1/2  and weighs almost 5 Grams. Marked & Tested 14K Gold. Not new but in great Condition. It probably sold new for$1000-$1500! 
14K Diamond Waterfall Ring
Lovely size 3 1/2  ring with a 10mm  (approx. 3 Carat) Amethyst. There's a  Flower on each side with a  small Diamond in the center.  14K Yellow Gold (2+ Grams).

14K Amethyst Ring
  SOLD !!!
10K C. Co Black Hills Gold Ring
Black Hills Gold Ring by Coleman Co. in size 8 1/4. Classic Look! 1 1/2 Grams
10K Band Style Ruby  Ring
This is a Ladies Band Style  Ring in 10K  Gold with 6 Small Rubys roughly 3mm long with two very small Diamonds. It's Marked (and tested) 10K.  It's a Size 7 and weighs about 1 1/2 Grams.   Neat  little Ring !
This is a Ladies Band Style  Ring in 14K  Gold with 7  round 1mm  Rubys across the Front . It's Marked (and tested) 14K.  It's a Size 5 3/4 and weighs about 2.4 Grams.   
14K Gold Ruby Band 
  SOLD !
10K Size 3 Black Hills Gold Ring
Size 3 "Black Hills Gold" Brand ring. Vintage....1.1 Grams
10K Gold  9mm Wide Band - Garnet
This is a  size 7    9 mm Band in 10K  Gold with a  small Garnet. Approx. 6 Grams.
10K Black Hills Gold Diamond Ring
This is a 10K Black Hills Gold Ring with a small (.02 Carat) Full Cut Diamond.  It's a Size 5 1/4  and weighs about 1 1/2 Grams. 

12K & Sterling Black Hills Gold Ring 
12K black hills gold ring in sterling silver
This is a Black Hills Gold  band in Sterling Silver and 12K Gold by RGC. Size 10 and weighs about 4 1/2 Grams. Nice Band for a man too!!
10K  black hills gold diamond ring Ring
10K  gold  9mm wide band garnet
10K Gold  black hills gold Ring size 3 
14K Gold Ruby Band
10K Band Style Ruby  Ring,buying old gold
Coleman black hills gold ring
14K ladies Amethyst      ring,buying 
14K Diamond Waterfall Ring,sell my gold,buying gold,silver
black hills gold leaf ringsell your gold
GIA Cert. Pear Shape diamond
1.74 Carat White Gold
1.13 Carat Diamond Ring
10K  Solvar Claddaugh ring, buying gold
10K Solvar Claddaugh Ring - Green Stone
10K Solvar Claddaugh Ring. Size 6. 2 Grams. 4 small diamonds and a green stone (pretty worn). 
14k sapphire ring buying old gold sterling jewelrys
14K  Gold Sapphire Ring
14K Gold Sapphire Ring.  2.4 rams. Size  7
10K Gold Sapphire - Diamond Ring
10K size 7 band with  7 Marquis Sapphires and  6 tiny diamonds. 1.6 Grams
black hills gold  heart ring,sell my gold,buying gold, sterling
Black Hills Gold Heart Ring
Size 6 1/2 Black Hills Gold Ring. 10K and marked with what looks like an "L" for Landstroms. Heart with a tiny Diamond in the center. 1.2 Grams
10K Gold Ruby Ring
10K Gold  ruby Ring', buying rolex, gold, silver
This is a 10K Gold Ring with  2 x 4mm Marquise Ruby and 2 Tiny Diamonds.  Size 7. 1.4 Grams
This is a  10K Yellow Gold Ladies Diamond Cocktail Ring 29 Round full cut Diamonds. It has at least 1/2 Carat Total Weight or more of Diamonds. It is a Size 8  and weighs about 4 Grams. Marked & Tested 10K Gold. Nice Condition.
10K Gold Diamond Cluster Cocktail Ring
10K Diamond Cocktail Ring. 29 Round Diamonds,buy gold,sell gold
14K Gold Opal Ring
14K Gold Opal Ladies Ring
This is a  14K Yellow Gold Ladies  Ring with a 5mm x8mm Opal. There is a nick out of the edge of the Opal by one of the prongs. Great Color. It is a Size 7 and weighs about 4 Grams. Marked & Tested 14K Gold. 
14K Gold Aquamarine Ring
14K Gold women's  Aquamarine Ring
This is a  14K Yellow Gold Ladies  Ring with a 6mm x8mm Aquamarine. Pale BlueColor. It is a Size 5 1/2  and weighs about 3 Grams. Marked & Tested 14K Gold. 
10K Gold Ladies Onyx Ring
10K yellow Gold Vintage Onyx ring
This is a  Lovely Vintage Look 10K Yellow Gold   Women's  Ring . Nice Design with Onyx set with a small Diamond. It's about 10mm x 20mm Oval. Size 6 1/2 and about 3 1/2 Grams weight. Very Nice Quality Ring! 
14K Ruby & Diamond Ring
14K Yellow Gold Ladies Ring with 6 small Rubies and 3 Full cut Diamonds. Size 6. Weighs a bit over 2 Grams. Cute!
14K Gold Ruby & Diamonds Ladies Ring
10K Black Hills Garnet Ring
10K black hills garnet Ring
10K  Black Hills Gold Ring by Lindstroms with a Garnet. Size 6 1/2 and a bit over 2 Grams.
14K Double Dolphin Ring
14K Double Dolphin Ring
14K Yellow Gold Ladies Ring with two Dolphins. It's a size 8 and weighs about 1 1/2 Grams. Cute!
14K Opal & Diamond Ring
14K Yellow Gold Ladies Ring  with 2 Opals and a small Diamond.  It is a Size 4 and weighs about  3 Grams.
14K Ladies Opal  Ring
Ladies Opal Ring 14K Gold
14K Yellow Gold Ladies Ring  with  a 5mm x 7mm Opal. It's a Size 7 and weighs a bit over 3 Grams.
10K Amethyst Hearts Love Ring
14K Amethyst Heart Love Ring 
10K  Y/G Hearts Love Ring with a 5mm Heart Shape Amethyst and two small Diamonds. It's a Size 7 1/4 and weighs about 3 Grams. 4 Hearts!
10k 12k Landstroms black hills gold ring
10K Marquise Sapphire Ring
10K sapphire ring, sell my gold, sterling
10K  Gold Ring with a 4mm x 8mm Marquise Sapphire and 2 Small Diamonds. Size 9. Weight 2.8 Grams.
14K  Gold Sapphire & Diamond Ring
14k sapphire diamond ring. sell your gold
 14K Gold  Ring with 5 Graduated Marquis Sapphires and 8 small Diamonds.  2.4 Grams. Size 6.
10K Gold Turquoise Ring
10K turquoise ring
large turquoise ,buying gold
Vintage 10K Gold  Ring with a 16mm x 31mm Turquoise Stone. Size 7 1/4 and  nearly 8 Grams.
14K Oval Amethyst Ring
14k ring oval cut  amethyst buy sell gold silver
14K  Ring with  5 x 7 mm Oval Cut Amethyst. Size  4  3/4 and weighs 2 1/2 Grams.
14K opal,diamond ring, sell old jewelry,gold,silver
10K Claddaugh Ring
10K claddaugh ring heart in hand irish celtic,buying old gold
10K Gold  Size 8 Claddaugh Celtic "Heart In Hand" wedding ring. Lots of  Hallmarks. About 1 1/2 Grams of .417 (10K).
14K White Gold Opal Ring
14k white gold opal ring diamonds  sell your sterling
14K White Gold Size 7   2 1/3 Grams Ring with  8 x 10mm Opal.  Better color than photo shows. 2 Small Diamonds.
14K  Gold Frog Ring
14K frog ring frog on ring ring with frog  frogs legs selling sterling
14K Yellow Gold  Frog Ring. It's Size  7 3/4   and weighs about 6 1/4  Grams. The Frog Legs make up the shank of the ring.  Ruby Eyes. Very Cool!
18K  Gold  Fashion Ring
14K gold free form fashion ladies ring sell your sterling silver
18K Yellow & White Gold  Free Form Fashion  Ring. It's Size  8    and weighs about 9  Grams.  25 mm Long in front.. Very Cool!
  SOLD !
14K Gold  "CC" Coco Chanel ? Ring
coco chanel  cc  14k gold diamond ring buying old scrap gold silver
14K Yellow Gold  Ring with interlocking Cs. CC as in Coco Chanel? Not Signed. 78 Full Cut Diamonds for total weight of 1 to 1 1/2 Carats. Size 6 3/4 and weighs a little over 5 Grams.
10K  Heart Shape Ruby Ring
10k gold ruby heart shape , buy old gold scrap gold
10K  Gold ring with Heart shape Ruby. Size 6 and weighs 1.5 Grams.
10K  Black Hills Heart Ring
black hills ring. sell sterling silver. sell sterling.buying gold
10K  Three Color Gold ring in a Heart theme. Size 5 and weighs 1.6 Grams.
14K  Ruby Ring
ruby ring 14k. sell my gold selling my sterling
14K  Gold  with 8 small Rubys and 4 small Diamonds. Size 5 and weighs 2.8  Grams.
14K  Sapphire Ring
14k sapphire ring selling sterling gold buying jewelry
14K  Gold  with 6mm Marquis Sapphire and 2 small Diamonds. . Size 6 3/4 and weighs 2  Grams.
14K  Sapphire Band
14k sapphire band. selling buying sterling gold
14K  Gold  with 6  Dark Sapphires (2mm)  . Size 7 and weighs  1.5  Grams.
10K  Sapphire & Diamond Ring
sapphire ring 10k. buying selling old gold .sterling silver
10K  Gold  with 3 1/2mm x 7mm Marquis Sapphire, 6 round channel set Sapphires and 4 tiny Diamonds. Size 7 and weighs  3  Grams.
10K  Sapphire & Diamond Ring
10k sapphire ring. sell scrap gold sell scrap sterling silver. old jewelry
10K  Gold  with 4mm x 5mm Oval Sapphire, 10 square channel set Sapphires and 8 tiny Diamonds. Size 7 and weighs  2  Grams.
18K Diamond Ring
18k diamond ring,sell your rings,gold,silver
old jewelry
18K  Gold  band style ring with 16 small Emerald Cut Diamonds.   Size 8 1/4  and weighs  4.2  Grams.
10K Wide Channel  Set Diamond Ring
10k channel set diamond ring,sell your old gold,sterling silver
10K  Gold  14mm Wide (in front) with 48 Channel Set  Full  Cut  Diamonds. Approx One Carat TW. Size 7 . 8 Grams.  5mm at the back.
14K White Gold 2mm Band
14k white gold band, sell my old gold,buying gold
14K White Gold  2mm Wide  Band. Size  6.  Weighs 1.4 Grams.
14K Bi-Color Gold 12mm "Panther"Band
14k bi color band,panthers,
12mm wide,buying old gold, sterling silver
14K  Bi Color (yellow & white) Gold  12mm Wide  Band with 3 stalking Panthers in yellow against white gold background.. Size  6 1/2.  Weighs 12.8 Grams.
14K Turquoise Inlay Ring by CH 
14k turquoise ring,CH,Charles Hoskie, Navajo,sell gold,silver
14K   Gold  Ring with Turquoise Inlay. Signed CH - Charles Hoskie I believe.  Size  7.  Weighs 5.1 Grams.
14K White Gold Lindy Star Sapphire Ring
14k white gold lindy star sapphire, sell gold,buy gold
14K  White  Gold  Ring with  6mm x 8mm  Blue Lindy Star Sapphire.  Ten very small diamonds. Size  7 1/2.  Weighs  3.6 Grams.
14K Black Hills Diamond Ring
black hills gold marquise diamond, sell your jewelry
SOLD !!!
14K  Yellow, Rose & Green Gold  Ring with  3mm x 5mm  Marquise Cut Diamond (approx. .15 C) Size  8 1/2.  Weighs  2.7 Grams.
14K Ring with Trilliant CZ
14k ladies ring, trilliant cz, buying jewelry, sell your gold
This is a Lovely 14K Yellow Gold Ladies  Ring  with a Trilliant Cut CZ (about a Carat-7mm). Very Nice Quality Ring weighing about 3 + Grams.  Very Pretty! 
14K Ring with Large  Pink CZ
14k gold ring, pink cz, buying jewelry,old gold,silver
14K Gold Ladies Ring with Oval Pink CZ - 12mm x 16mm.  Size 7 1/2. Weighs 5.6 Grams
14K Puzzle Ring - 4 piece - 3 Color
14k 3 color puzzle ring, 4 piece puzzle ring, sell your jewelry
14K Gold Ladies Puzzle  Ring. 4 Piece in yellow, rose and white gold.  Size  7 1/2.  Weighs  1.8 Grams
14K Gold Sapphire Cocktail Ring
14k gold sapphire cocktail ring, buying gold jewelry
14K Gold Ladies Sapphire Cocktail   Ring.  7 -  2mm Sapphires.  Size  5.  Weighs  7.3 Grams
14K Gold  Aqua Marine  Ring
14k gold aqua marine ring, buying gold jewelry
14K Gold Ladies  Aqua Marine  Ring. Main stone is 7 x 9 mm.  Size  7.  Weighs  3 Grams. Very Pale Aqua Marine.
10K Gold  Emerald  Ring
emerald ring, ladies,buying old gold,jewelry
10K Gold Ladies  Emerald  Ring.  3mm x 5mm Oval. Size  7.  Weighs  1.6 Grams.