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This is a  1934 Parker  Vacumatic  in  Laminated Burgundy. Fills and writes fine . It is 4 1/2" Long and  the Cap is 13mm. I believe it is a Slender and not a Standard. The Barrel Imprint is so so and Marked with "44" which makes it the 4th Quarter of 1934. Golden Arrow Clip and Nice Nib which I think is a "Fine". Nice Pen with No Brassing!
 1934 Parker Vacumatic Slender

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1934 Parker  Vacu
matic Slender
Vintage Mont Blanc #149 Diplomat Fountain Pen
 Vintage Mont Blanc #149 Diplomat
This is an older Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Fountain Pen #149 also known as the "Diplomat". Suitable for signing Large Contracts, Peace Treaties etc.  It is Marked "Germany" on the top band.The Huge Nib is 14C Two Tone and Marked "4810". The Cap is 17mm in Diameter and the Pen nearly 6"  Long Capped. Very Cool Pen!
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 Vintage Waterman #52 Red Ripple
Waterman #52 Red Ripple Lever Fill
This is a  Vintage 1920's Waterman #52 Lever Fill in Red Ripple.  Approx. 5 3/8" Long.  Waterman #2  Nib  is pretty Flexible. Cap is 12mm in Diameter. Fills and writes. Good Barrel Imprint. Nice Pen!
conklin pen 1920s black chased hard rubber working, fountain pen.
 1920's Conklin Crescent - BCHR - Restored
 Vintage 1920's  Conklin Crescent Fill in  Black Chased Hard Rubber.  Approx. 5  5/16" Long with the cap on.  Conklin 14K  #2  Nib  is pretty Flexible. Cap is 12mm in Diameter.  New ink sac. Good Barrel Imprint. Minor wear.
 1920's  Parker Duofold Senior Lucky Curve - Restored
parker duofold senior, lucky curve, buying gold jewelry
 Vintage 1920's  Parker Duofold Senior Lucky Curve.  Great color Mottled Green or dark Jade Green. 5 1/2" with cap. Cap is 15mm.  New ink sac. Good Barrel Imprint. Patent 5/16.  Excellent.
 Parker 51 - Dark Blue - GF Cap - Argentine
parker 51 fountain pen, teal color, sell my gold jewelry
  Parker 51 Fountain Pen in what looks like Dark Blue color .  5 1/2" with cap.  Cap is 13mm. Excellent condition in Parker zipper case.